Confidential counselling

LBWP provides one-to-one, confidential counselling for Black and Minority Ethnic women and girls (aged 11+) who have experienced any form of domestic violence or abuse.

Counselling is provided in person or via safe and secure video platforms, and focusses on the needs of each individual.

All our counsellors are women from Black or Minority Ethnic backgrounds which means we can provide counselling in the following languages: English, Sylheti, Dhaka, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Dari, Farsi, Yoruba and Luganda.

Our counsellors understand the impact of domestic violence on women and girls and are qualified, experienced and trained in relevant therapeutic practices.

For the moment we are only able to accept referrals from women living in the London Borough of Newham.

You can contact us directly or be referred by an agency – please get in touch:


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