Providing advice to Black, Asian, and minoritised women

Our current legal advice service is split between

1. Integrated rights-based services for women living in our refuges and

2. Our Safe Haven project, a pan-London initiative providing women and girls with access to advice and support about legal options to report sexual harassment and general sexually motivated crime.

We understand the challenges women, especially Black, Asian, minoritised and migrant women, face when reporting incidences of sexual harassment and assault to the police, especially when immigration barriers prevent them from doing so. We advocate ‘safety before status’ a campaign endorsed by the domestic abuse commissioner.

Our specialist legal advisors understand these challenges and work closely with partner solicitors, to enable women who use our service to understand the issues, explain the options available and support any legal proceedings.

If you have experienced or are experiencing sexual harassment, sexual assault or other sexually motivated crime, contact us and speak, in confidence, to our women-only legal advisors.


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