Sexual Harassment Safe Haven Project

Our Safe Haven project, funded by the Kering Foundation, provides expert legal advice and support for Black, Asian, minoritised and migrant women who experience sexual harassment and abuse. We also work with organisations to increase knowledge and understanding of sexual harassment and its impact on women and organisations.

Our support for women

Our specialised legal team is available to provide advice to women who have been sexually harassed, assaulted or abused, wherever that may be, for example, at work, school or university.

We offer a personalised service that enables women to discuss their experiences in a safe environment with experts who understand the emotional impact of sexual harassment and the legal issues this raises within organisational environments.

Please contact us if you are aged 18+ and experiencing sexual harassment or abuse at work or within education.

Our support for organisations

We provide information and advice to educational institutions, charities and other agencies to raise awareness of sexual harassment and abuse as it specifically relates to Black, Asian, and minoritised, including migrant, women.

Our specialised team also provides training and facilitates discussions about the issues in a safe, collaborative way. 

We work with partners, including government agencies, commissioners and strategic women’s charities to contribute to and shape social change regarding sustainable sexual harassment support services.

Survivors are integral to the evolution of the project, through co-production and developing Safe Haven based on their needs and learning. An evaluative report will shed light on the findings of work activities, including our participation in policy development and change.

Please contact us if you we can provide information and advice about sexual harassment for your organisation or if you would like a member of our team to discuss options for training.

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